Crack filling in concrete elements by Injection

Defect Report

There are different reasons for cracks appearing at the surface f building elements or at the entire concrete structures, i.e. change of the use of the building, damages at the concrete structure, change of the structural design system, material failures or failures at the project planning or application mistakes.
Cracks can heavily affect the stability of concrete building elements, up to the collapse of the structural system.

Remedial Works

In case the allowable crack width is exceeded and damage to the structure is expected the cracks need to be sealed.

Sealing of Cracks to reduce or avoid the ingress of deleterious or corrosion promoting materials

Seal cracks to remediate leakages at the construction elements.

Install a force-fit reconnection of cracks to recover the tensile and compressive strength of the connection and regain the structural integrity.

To achieve the aforesaid main objectives, appropriate filling material can be used such as epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, acrylic gel-type resin, cement suspension or cement lime.

Quality assurance
The filling of cracks will be executed with approved materials and methods according to European standards, Code of Practice for Injection Works and additional technical specifications.

Defect Report

Injection of Cracks

Injection of Cracks

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