Strengthening of bearing structure Using Carbon Fibre Composites (CFRC)
or Steel plates

Defect Report

Damage to structural elements, load increase, change of structural system, design or construction defects will affect damages, like crack and deflection up to the collapse of the bearing structure.
Among to the repair of damages the strengthening of bearing structure will be used to improving of seismic performance for high rise buildings, water reservoirs i.e.

Remedial Works

External strengthening to reinstate the bearing structure or increase the seismic performance by adhere steel plates or carbon fibre composites.

Steel plates, poltruded Carbon Fiber Plates (CFRP) or Woven and Non-Woven unidirectional Carbon Sheets will be installed force-fit to the structure with high strength structural epoxy adhesive or cementitious grout.

Carbon fibre composites have a lighter weigh and a good handling. Structural capacity can be improved or repaired without significant altering to the appearance of the element.

Internal strengthening will be executed with Carbon Fibre Rebars and Tapes, which will be adhered in grooves of the existing structure. They fulfill a similar function as steel reinforcement.

Quality assurance

Using of approved systems and approved execution of work due to the Code of Practice for strengthening work with Carbon Fibre Composites.

For each individual project / application the suitability of the system has to be checked and verified.

Only qualified and certified applicators are allowed to execute the strengthening works. Trained and skilled labour and supervision staff is required.

Samples must be made up on the site for quality control of curing rate and strength. There for compressive strength tests and pull of tests have to be made.

Carbon Fiber Wrap – Flexible application also at rounded areas

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Application of Carbon Fiber Plates (CFRP) – Strengthening of concrete elements in the Zugzone


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