Concrete Rehabilitation and Restrengthening using Spray Concrete / Spray Mortar

Defect Report

Defects occur due to material failures, application failures, deterioration, environmental effects and abrasion damages partially at some elements or at the whole structure. The most common failure is the cracking or spalling of concrete resulting from the corrosion of the steel reinforcement.

In general spray concrete is applied when large-scale repair areas are to be re-profiled, structural elements need to be strengthened due to damages or change of loads as well as for fire protection requirements.

Remedial Works

Remove defective concrete down to sound concrete, expose corroded reinforcement.

Clean the corroded reinforcement using blasting techniques or by other suitable means

Re-profile repair area and/or strengthening of concrete structures by spray applied concrete either by wet or dry spray technique. Thickness of applied concrete exceeding 4 cm require additional reinforcement which needs to be fixed properly to the parent concrete

Surface protection of the concrete according to the requirements of the element: protections against the ingress of moisture, improvement of the mechanical, physical resistance and chemical stability.

Quality assurance
The removal of defective concrete will be executed with approved materials and methods according to the European standards, Code of Practice for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Concrete Elements and it’s quality and testing methods.

Re-profiling with Spray Concrete

Surface Preperation

Element of a Bridge after Completion

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