External Cladding (EIFS)

External Insulation and Finish System (EIFS)

The EIFS is a 1 stage construction. The key features are the insulation, the adhesive and reinforcement mortar and the top coat system.
The wind and dead load is applied to the backing wall by bonding or anchoring techniques depending on the substrate conditions and local safety regulations. The condition and stability of the underlying substrate should be assessed prior to the commencement of work.
Existing uneven facades have to be leveled in advance. Limited substrate unevenness can be compensated with adhesive mortar. Large substrate unevenness must be leveled mechanically or compensated with render. Existing load-bearing plaster can be covered with EIFS.
Insulation boards which can be considered for EIFS are Expanded Polystyrene Hard Foam, Mineral Fiber and Foamglas. Important is the use of material according to the General Technical Approvals issued by the competent building authorities. The dimensioning has to be calculated by the local regulations for thermal insulation of buildings.
The adhesive and reinforcement mortar is applied to solve distention of the external paneling. As top coat system silicon, mineral or organically bonded plaster can be used. By choosing the right material for the finish and the use of biocide additions the appearance of mold can be reduced.

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