Floor Coating

Wearing layers of concrete

The responsibility of wearing layers is the protection of the substrate against physical and chemical abrasion. At the same time the visual requirements have to be achieved.

Surface assessment

Substrate and new flooring system must achieve a durable bond. Therefore the condition of the substrate has to be tested and reported prior to application.

  • Testing of substrate moisture content with moisture meters such as the Tramex Concrete Encounter CME
  • Measuring of cohesive strength by a number of Pull-off tests
  • Measuring the compressive strength i.e. with a Schmid-Hammer or by taking cores.
  • Chemical analysis by unsolved damage pattern

Surface preparation

  • Any cement laitance, dust, oil and grease have to be removed as well as loose or friable particles and chemicals. The removal has to be carried our by grinding, shot-blasting and vacuum-cleaning.
  • The durable bond between substrate and surface has to be determined by sound check. Hollow areas have to be rectified.
  • After cleaning any cracks have to be determined. Cracks have to be subsequently sealed.
  • To provide the profile required the surface has to be primed, level out or re-profiled.

Wearing layers

The wearing layer hast o be selected due to the specific strain. Here sealing or coating can be used.

  • Sealing
    Sealing is a film-forming and pore filling coat, which protects against fluids or gas. It has little resistance to mechanical loads and facilitates the cleaning. Sealing also is used as base coat for a subsequently coating,
  • Coating
    Coating is a film- and layer forming. The requirements on floor coatings are various. The choice of the flooring system is depending on the mechanical, chemical and physical exposures as wells as requirements due to the work safety and the hygiene.

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