Strengthening of bearing structure Using Carbon Fibre Composites (CFRC) or Steel plates

Defect Report

Damage to structural elements, load increase, change of structural system, design or construction defects will affect damages, like crack and deflection up to the collapse of the bearing structure.
Among to the repair of damages the strengthening of the bearing structure will be used to Improving of seismic performance for high rise buildings, water reservoirs i.e.

Remedial Works

Installing reinforcement by enlargement of cross-section or strengthening to reinstate the bearing structure or improve the seismic performance. The connections of additional reinforcement have to be executed by welding or with the HILTI HIT System HY 150 as well as other approved systems.
To install a force-fit connection with HILTI HIT System HY 150 for concrete minimum C12/15 and maximum C 50/60 are approved at the following means:

Quality assurance

Qualification of the management and site engineer (License of the German Material Approval Authority)

Qualification of the executing staff

Training to execute reinforcement connection using HILTI-HIT-HY 150 supervised from the German Material Approval Authority. To execute anchoring of reinforcement via welding the verification of suitability for welded encased steelwork is required.

The reinforcement will be executed with approved materials and methods according to the European standards, Code of Practice for installing additional reinforcement and additional technical specifications.

Additional Reinforcement at the Foundation

Additional Reinforcement at the Foundation

Additional Reinforcement at the Foundation

Strenthening of soffits without altering appearance

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